Let’s do it smart way

Let’s do it smart way

SmartWorkPlaza was officially presented just few days ago. But before that we have been working for months to make it happen, to find a perfect place for the Co-Working and Business center, building concept that works for Finnish and Spanish market and counting all figures again and again to make the business profitable.

It has been quite a journey, already. And during this journey one thing became very clear, we needed to do it together.

You need different people around you, different skills, different points of view. This is how you can make things happen. Expecially here in Spain.

You may think that our smart work has something to do with newest technology and latest innovations. Well if might, but the smartest way to work is to collaborate, work with colleagues, ask for help, share ideas because this is when magic happens. One idea leads to another and soon you have something special.

Our team is a combination of three totally different persons. And that is our strength.