What is SmartWorkPlaza?

In the Spring of 2018 the idea of SmartWorkPlaza – an international and inspiring business & co-working space, enabling sharing of know-how and experience – was only a dream in the heads of SWP founders Pauliina Manso and Outi Hannuksela, and a vague plan on a piece of paper. By then, the two women had a joint experience of 40 years about business in Spain; they both had gathered lots of knowledge and expertise from different fields in local and international companies. But something was missing.

– A work place where we can go every morning with enthusiasm, positivity and high expectations of a nice day; we wanted a job with an international touch and with specialists in different fields, they say.
– We also had a strong desire to learn new things, share things we know, thus supporting others, and also be within the success stories in Spain. And last but not least, not forgetting about great networks and well-being, we thought that all this should be under one roof.

The lessons learnt in Finland about Business Center and Co-Working concepts were tuned to work under the Spanish sun. The valuable decades long know-how was added to the new concept and SmartWorkPlaza was born.

Our name says it all. The founders wanted a smart place to work, where you can work effectively and comfortably with others in a place where people want to meet, spend time with each other and share knowledge.

Welcome to SmartWorkPlaza!

Our vision, mission & values

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SmartWorkPlaza is a flexible and inspiring community of companies and people, offering support to its members with  solution oriented and efficient approach and focus on well being at work based on joint efforts.


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Our goal is to support our members’ business and help them to network.
We concentrate on helping them to create new opportunities and contacts in terms of increasing the sales.




Courage – we do things in a new, different way.

Efficiency – we focus on the results.

Transparency – we are honest and open.

Who are we?

Pauliina Manso – Co-Founder
Pauliina Manso has worked in Spain in different Spanish and Finnish companies. She has over 20 years’ experience in establishing and managing companies and building brands in Spain. Pauliina has wide networks in Fuengirola, Malaga and Helsinki which she combines to produce new types of expertise.

Outi Hannuksela – Co-Founder
Outi Hannuksela is a media entrepreneur and a content provider who loves big challenges and gets excited when faced with new things. Outi lives in both Finland and Spain and knows the business culture in both countries well, which enables her easy shifting between different environments, and creating new connections.

Jori Palenius – Partner

Jori is a wellness professional and an investor from Finland. As a member of the SWP-team Jori develops welfare solutions and creates new possibilities for new business models. His passion is to help people find their own paths to achieving personal wellness, while guiding and supporting them along the way.

Timo Sydänmaanlakka – Partner

Timo has over 20 years of experience in business sales and entrepreneurship. As a member of the SWP-team, he functions as a link between Finland and Spain. He develops business sales and focuses on organizing golf and padel events.

Our Business Partners

Doña Ana Maria Mula Redruello, Mayor, Fuengirola

“We are very satisfied to have an international and innovative place to work and to connect different companies such as SmartWorkPlaza Business & Co-working Center here in our city. The Fuengirola City Council has a collaboration agreement with SmartWorkPlaza to develop the local business world internationally in Fuengirola.”

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