What is SmartWorkPlaza

We think that our name says it all. We wanted a place where working would be enjoyable but also effective. A place where your business grows together with your wellbeing. And because we love Spain we adopted the idea of central square, plaza where everyone meets. This is our SmartWorkPlaza in nutshell.

SMART – our smart is beyond technical solutions. Of course we live using facetime, conference calls, depend on applications, social media and use virtual office solutions. But we see that you are smart when you are open for new ideas, take care of your environment and most of all yourself. You need to be smart enough to live good life, taking care of your health and cherish important people around you.

WORK – that is the key to success and when you are willing to work we guarantee that success will follow. Of course you need to work smart. And with us that means effectiveness, professional network and good planning.

PLAZA – if you look from dictionary translation of plaza is square. But when you think of content, plaza is more like meeting point, center where people meet. This is how we want our SmartWorkPlaza to be, center that connects people who share same idea of working culture.

Welcome to meet us in SmartWorkPlaza!

Our vision, mission & values



Connect people, create opportunities, inspire and boost your business, collaborate and exchange knowledge.



Our goal is to build a flexible working community that will boost members business and offer the support they need. We let the customers to focus on what matters to their business.



There are three words that pretty much says it all:

Courage, Efficacy & Transparency.

Our Services

  • Co-working spaces and meeting rooms
  • Consulting Services
    • companies establishment in Spain, legal and fiscal advice, marketing planning and research, business support for landing to Spain / Finland
  • Organization of Events and business travels
    • organization of different events for companies, company visits, tailor made business travels
  • Training courses, seminars and talks
  • Showroom for your innovated products / services
  • Networking
  • Well – being
    • organization of different kind of sport events and posibilities to try wide range of sports
  • It services
    • wide range of services

Who we are

Pauliina Manso has being working in Spain in different Spanish and Finnish companies over 20 years. She has lot of experience in founding companies, leading them and building up brands in Spain. She is well connected in Fuengirola, Malaga and Helsinki.

Outi Hannuksela is responsible for the business training area. She is a media entrepreneur and copy writer who is working with online marketing and content management for different companies.