Frameworks are needed for  telecommuting

Frameworks are needed for  telecommuting

Distance working has become the new normal. Whereas companies previously limited telecommuting to one day a week or few days a month, many companies today have given a constant recommendation for teleworking. The trend is here to stay, now is the time to find the right framework for telecommuting.

The idea of ​​telecommuting sounds absolutely brilliant at first, until everyday realities come into play. At home, you may not find a suitable workstation for continuous use. It’s a whole different thing to check for emails while sitting on a couch than spending an entire day in front of a laptop in a bad chair at a kitchen table.

How to build home offices and work corners have been popular articles in last spring’s interior design magazines, and many have built already nice works paces at home. However, working from home is not for every situation or for everyone. Therefore, you should test the co-working office, you can find new ideas and in addition to peace of mind for the whole family, not to mention fresh coffee or good company!

The right framework for the job

Teleworking is much more than a workplace at home. Getting your own internet connection working fast and smooth may be a challenge.

Janita Huhtaniemi booked a work place from SmartWorkPlaza, as the internet line was not yet connected to the new apartment.

-Fortunately, this opportunity was found quickly. The work would not have been possible without this co-working opportunity, Janita explains.

How to combine family and teleworking?

Jaana Rautia arrived on the Costa del Sol for a combined working holiday for a month.

-Hotel room is not a suitable place for Teams meetings, Jaana laughs.

Working in a co-working office is also in the interests of the company because smooth internet connection and security issues are also in order.

The family also is happy, because working in a co-working office gives timetable for the working day. When the office door is closed, the laptop stays better closed as well and there is enough time to do things together.

The darkness of autumn turned into the Spanish sun

-We rented an office room from the co-working center for our use during the darkest Finnish months October and November, says Toni Kontiomaa.

The remote work cuts the darkening autumn and although the working days are going normally, the environment is different and the days in the sunny Spain makes the time feel like little holiday.

-Only to walk to work along a sunny promenade brings a completely different energy charge to the day, Annemari Paasikivi continues.

Co-working for business growth

Alone ideas doesn’t always fly and it’s good to leave the home office once a while. Working in a co-working center provides a framework for work, but also acts as a corporate boost, as meeting other entrepreneurs brings in positive collaboration. In addition also ideas, new customers, subcontracting and other commercial partnerships are often created during the work day.

You can test if co-working would be your thing, welcome to SmartWorkPlaza! Book your day pass