Co-Working Space is not the same as Open Space

Co-Working Space is not the same as Open Space

I have earlier worked in an office hotel and expected something similar when I joined a Co-Working Space in Fuengirola. Very soon, I noticed that I had come to a new world.

Literally speaking, co-working simply means that people work together. Nothing new or special. However, if you think co-working as a concept, it seems to be much more. Not at all just an open space, where workers are sitting together and trying to concentrate on their own business regardless of the noise others are making.

RECENTLY I read an article of El Economista, (see below) about the Co-Working spaces and their increasing popularity in Spain. According to the latest studies, the co-working concept is growing rapidly especially in Madrid and Barcelona, but there are plenty of new communities also in other parts of the country, for example, in the Cost del Sol, where I am doing my remote work.
        The same studies predict that by the year 2030 flexible co-working solutions will represent 30 % of all offices in Spain! It is huge! It means that freelancers, SMEs, start-ups and big companies will work together in the completely new and innovative circumstances.
        One reason for this unbelievable growth is the fact that working in the co-working facilities can be 80 % cheaper than in traditional offices. Yes – correct – 80 % cheaper.
       And the cost is not the only benefit.

WE MUST also remember, that the best ideas are not usually born in isolation but in cooperation with others. As people often have the same problems, they can best solve them together.
        Unlike in an open space, it is very important to know in a co-working office what others are doing – it is more or less the point of the whole concept: it is all about benchmarking and networking. The enormous leap in the nature of work has also made it clear that assets you need in the work are more and more in your head, not in the in the walls of the offices.

      A co-working facility offers safe, easy and high quality premises and equipment for remote work. With a laptop, smart phone and internet access you can work and thus save money. You do not need the whole infrastructure – a smart co-working office can offer you all you need. Plus the community to share your ideas and problems, and make them fly!

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