Olvídate de las barreras del idioma

En Costa Interpreter Center ofrecemos servicios de traducción e interpretación con un enfoque eficiente, teniendo en cuenta las necesidades del cliente. Estamos operativos en Finlandia y España, especialmente en el área de la Costa del Sol y la Costa Blanca, y en cualquier otra parte de Europa donde se necesiten...

Giving Feedback Is a Skill that Can Be Practiced

It is very important to give and get feedback. It is also very nice to give and get it in case the assessment is positive. That is how we felt at SmartWorkPlaza when we went through the evaluations of our performance during the last months by our members.


To Have a Nice Place to Work In

Pauliina Manso ja Outi Hannuksela, both living on Costa Del Sol, have known each other for more than 20 years. Six months ago, the two women combined their know-how and experience, and now a joint Co-Working business is creating opportunities and new innovations for an international working community.


Co-Working Space is not the same as Open Space

I have earlier worked in an office hotel and expected something similar when I joined a Co-Working Space in Fuengirola. Very soon, I noticed that I had come to a new world.

Literally speaking, co-working simply means that people work together....

From an Idea to Establishment – How to Boost Your Business in Spain

Mr. Oscar Ramirez, who has a long experience in building ecosystems between businesses, gave an awesome presentation about business opportunities in Spain in SmartWorkPlaza last week.

WE WERE a nice group of –mostly Finnish – people and Oscar gave...

City of Fuengirola Encourages SMEs to Network


In Fuengirola small and medium size enterprises form 95 % of all companies. The tendency seems to continue as last year over 1100 new SMEs started their work in the city.

-Fuengirola seems...