Corporate models to start a business in Spain

Corporate models to start a business in Spain

Starting company in Spain? What you need to know about company forms. Our specialists Rocio Palomo from CMAsesores and Elisa Nyman from La Caixa Bank gave important information in Business Breakfast 13.2.2019

And as always, find out information before you start your company, there are quite a few details that are important to know.

Depending the size of your business or activity you can choose if you want to operate as Self employed (autonomo) or start your corporate as SL. (sociedad limitada)

As self employed you need prepare your documents to start your business correctly. You need:

  • NIE number
  • Social security number
  • Tax Authorities Registering
  • Social Security registering

Do you have company in your country, would you like to establish it to Spain or would it be better to start new company in Spain?

Of course every company is different and there are no general answer that suits for everyone. But guidelines are similar. If you have for example Finnish OY and you want to establish it to Spain you need to prepare paperwork well. This is what you need:

  • Agreement of the foreigner Company to stablish the Permanent Establishment
  • OY’s Registering Information translated and Apostilled
  • Tax representant in Spain
  • Getting the ID (CIF-number)

In the case that you prefer to start Spanish company, start with name process it may take few weeks.

  • Certificate of name
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Registering at the Trade Register
  • Getting the ID (CIF-number)

The differences between there corporate models are in nutshell that with foreign company you are more dependent and business is strictly tied to the business field of original company.

Osakeyhtiö OY

  • Dependent
  • Spanish Tax Representant
  • Taxes are paid in Spain but revenues should be included at the Finnish Company. (Double Taxation Deduction)
  • Same business as the Finnish Company

Sociedad Limitada S.L.

  • Independent
  • Administrator
  • Taxes are paid in Spain and revenues are considered in Spain (tax from the dividends paid).
  • More business areas

Ask for more information: CMAsesores / Rocio Palomo La Caixa Bank / Elisa Nyman

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