SWP Member Gonzalo – Specialist in online marketing

SWP Member Gonzalo – Specialist in online marketing

Gonzalo Gomez Rufino is member of SmartWorkPlaza with great experience at increasing clients for any kind of business with his company SHOUT!, founded in 2009, which develops and implements creative marketing strategies for web and mobile marketing.

We have been Google Partner since 2010 and in 2014 we developed the first Spanish language Whatsapp bulk messenger service called www.WhatsMarketing.es

SHOUT! agency includes web developers, copywriters, and of course Gonzalo´s  experience with more than 10 years as marketing consultant in fast growing field of online marketing. A creative marketing agency with strong ideas, new marketing strategies has inspired confidence and loyalty in existing and potential clients.

Whatsapp marketing has been very effective and many big international companies like Benetton, Iberia or Western Union have found succesful ways to contact clients with fast and costeffective way. Read here more  www.WhatsMarketing.es

SmartWorkPlaza has a great privilege to work with wide range of specialists of their business sectors as partners, collaborators and also as members. Gonzalo Gomez  Rufino has been SmartMember almost since the opening of the SmartWorkPlaza business & co-working center in Fuengirola January 2019.