International Travel Fair Matkamessut in Finland 17-20.1.2019

International Travel Fair Matkamessut in Finland 17-20.1.2019


SmartWorkPlaza was in Matkamessut together with Fuengirola Town Hall and Costa del Sol Tourism organization. Our business and hometown got excellent visibility and we were very proud to present our multicultural town together with 20 companies in stand of Costa del Sol.

Helsinki was covered in snow just few days before the fair and our Spanish delegation got to see real winter wonderland with beautiful landscape and minus degrees.
Mayor of Fuengirola Ana Mula made her first visit to Finland and we may believe that it won´t be the last one. Official visit in Spanish Embassy in Helsinki and participation in Matkamessut gave new insight to Fuengirola Town Hall about Finland in general as well about finnish tourist who come to Costa del Sol.

Southern Spain is one of the most important tourist destinations for Finnish travelers and area is also second home for many. Today´s trend; remote work makes Costa del Sol even more attractive place where you can combine work, leisure, family time and well being. The idea of working in the sunny Fuengirola in SmartWorkPlaza premises was also presented in national news in Finland!

Bridge between North and South
Travel Fair Matkamessut brought together thousands of visitors and also hundreds of professionals from all over the world. In our digital world fairs still move people because local knowledge and face to face connections do make the difference.
Presenting our idea of workplace in the sun even for one month a year did make people think, and already planning. What if you take your computer and work next November in Fuengirola?
Costa del Sol and Fuengirola was well presented in MTV 3 national news