Week 21 at SmartWorkPlaza

This wonderful week is again full of events.

On Tuesday May 21st we will have a very interesting presentation at 8.30 pm  about body language: David Cuevas tells us what conclusions the customer makes from postures, gestures, vocabulary and physical expression.
We will also learn what comfort zone means...

Week 20 at SmartWorkPlaza

On Wednesday May 15th we are going to have a business breakfast at 9 a.m.
Mr Rodrigo Romero - Fuengirola City Councelor will join as at the table and tell us about his 12-year history of development, growth and future of Fuengirola.
Breakfast is 5e. Welcome!

Yoga for...

Week 19 in SmartWorkPlaza

Again a great week coming!

Lots of guests will be visiting us during the week.

Wednesday morning member breakfast at 9.15 a.m.

Thursday yoga as usual at 1.30 p.m.

Week 18 in SmartWorkPlaza

This week we finally organize After Work -event. So Tuesday afternoon we start our Summer season officially :) Wednesday is bank holiday and Thursday we continue with our weekly routine, with yoga!  Let´s have great week!

Week 17 at SmartWorkPlaza

Welcome back to routine after Semana Santa. Last week we had very important milestone in SmartWorkPlaza - we signed official collaboration agreement (convenio) with Fuengirola Town Hall! That will give more opportunities and collaboration posibilities for our international community but also for local businesses.
Activities this week:

Week 16 at SmarWorkPlaza

This week we have Semana Santa in Spain.
So in SmartWorkPlaza we have Wednesday breakfast as usual but no yoga on Thursday!
Thursday and Friday are festive days and we keep these days office closed!
This week we welcome new member Suvi and we have also few...

To Have a Nice Place to Work In

Pauliina Manso ja Outi Hannuksela, both living on Costa Del Sol, have known each other for more than 20 years. Six months ago, the two women combined their know-how and experience, and now a joint Co-Working business is creating opportunities and new innovations for an international working community.


Week 15 in SmartWorkPlaza

This week new success stories and of course weekly routine continues:

  • Wednesday morning at 9 am – breakfast for members
  • Thursday afternoon at 2 pm – yoga for members
  • Saturday we have members hiking trip to mountains!

Last week our member Paula participated X Feria de Mujeres Empresarias...

Week 14 in SmartWorkPlaza

This lovely week will bring us: Wednesday morning at 9 am – breakfast for members;

Thursday afternoon at 2 pm – yoga for members;

Thursday evening at 6 pm – open event to all: Differences between Autonomo and S.L. in Spain. Welcome.

Week 13 / 2019

This week we celebrate our first trimestral! So Wednesday we will have lunch sponsored by SmartWorkPlaza and Yoga with our Spanish yoga teacher. We also have new trainees Viljami and Matias from Finland. Welcome and let's have again great week!

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