Our idea is get to together all the international companies and entrepreneurs – to well being and networking.


2021 hopefully we can start monthly SmartBusinessPadel –
padel & networking to boost your business in Costa del Sol.

See you in next SmartBusinessPadel games in January!

More information: padel@swplaza.es


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Also more information: padel@swplaza.es


Creating new smart way to boost your business


A Passion for padel – Serious for business
innovative thinking and fresh ideas


We bring European business networking to players, with fun and challenging Padel matches that promotes integration with Business community

 We feel that organizations that prioritize workplace wellbeing out-perform their competitors and thriving workplaces are more profitable and creative

Well-being and togetherness increases and creates new innovative opportunities for all businesess

Make new contacts and opportunities


More information:

e-mail: padel@swplaza.es
tel: +34 654 186 591