Our idea is get to together all the international companies and entrepreneurs – to well being and networking.


SmartBusinessPadel games ON 🎾🎾🎾

Next game will be on Saturday 8.5.
Padel Los Boliches  At 12.30

Energetic games & effective networking

Price: 15e / person / Saturday

Incl. SBP t shirts, drink, balls, oportunity to boost your business and play good games
Play or just come to make new connections!

More information: padel@swplaza.es


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Also more information: padel@swplaza.es


Creating new smart way to boost your business


A Passion for padel – Serious for business
innovative thinking and fresh ideas


We bring European business networking to players, with fun and challenging Padel matches that promotes integration with Business community

 We feel that organizations that prioritize workplace wellbeing out-perform their competitors and thriving workplaces are more profitable and creative

Well-being and togetherness increases and creates new innovative opportunities for all businesess

Make new contacts and opportunities


More information:

e-mail: padel@swplaza.es
tel: +34 654 186 591

Our Collaborators

René and Heidi Ritto from Denmark started up Ritto´s Sportbar
in January 2021. “In October 2020 we came and played in Padel Los Boliches for the first time and fell in love with the place and the atmosphere of the club. When the opportunity arose and the cafe became vacant, in December 2020, we made a quick decision to take over the cafe.The combination of a sports bar and paddle club could not be better for us as we make the cafe a place one comes to play paddle, but also a place where one comes to meet others, watch sports on TV and eat homemade food.”




Webhelp designs and delivers innovative customer engagement solutions for your business, creating outstanding experiences for your customers – enabled by technology and enriched by our people.

Every day our teams across more than 60 countries bring their skills to the table to create excellent, personal, end-to-end customer journeys for today’s digital world. Our consultants bring the best technology to your bespoke operations and provide advisory services to drive loyalty and success. At our office in Benalmadena-Costa over 300 advisors, working in seven different languages, provide a world-class service in areas such as sales, technical support and airline tickets modifications to invoice queries and TV entertainment.



Firstbeat Life
The new way to support your employees’ physical and mental well-being Firstbeat Life is a subscription-based corporate wellness solution for modern workplace well-being management, and an integral part of preventive healthcare. “Our two decades of heart rate variability research enables millions of people to reach their health and performance potential with science-backed confidence.”


CM Asesores works efficiently so that companies can resolve all their accounting, tax and labor issues and can focus on their business. Professionalism and efficiency are fundamental values ​​for foreign companies and it is very easy to develop the business, looking for new ideas and innovative solutions.







Estate Stockholm – Costa del Sol opened its doors in Fuengirola, Spain 2019 and consists of a team of experienced property agents who have helped people from many different countries realize their dream of a life on Costa del Sol for many years.

Apart from offering you a huge selection of properties, we also offer you help and consultancy covering all legal aspects of buying property in Spain, renovation etc through our large network. “Whether you are a buyer or a seller of a property, a local resident or new to Costa del Sol, we are here to help you.”


LYX Holiday Rentals, a Scandinavian – Spanish growing company specialized on the holiday renting of high-end homes at the prestigious Costa del Sol.

“We help homeowners, and our guests with much more than just holiday rentals. Our proposal to owners is to offer a full property management service, so that you can feel totally carefree, and achieve the maximum profitability of your home even miles away.”

“We take 100% care of the rental process for you, and offer a wide range of luxury services and commodities for our tenants. Our portfolio with luxury properties is carefully selected: we focus on the luxury holiday rental, which distinguishes us from the rest.”



Mijas Natural Health and Beauty
offers tailor made care for your skin, hair and body. We specialise in personalised health & beauty plans to help you always look and feel your best whether it is for sports or business. For SmartBusinessPadel players we offer free consultation appointment!  Come and find out for yourself why the Spanish VOGUE Magazine mentions Mijas Natural as one of the absolute top salons in this country!

We work with a wide variety of treatments both manually and with non invasive technology and also offer aesthetic medicine by a highly qualified doctor and products range from totally natural to the most advanced cosmetics offered only in medical clinics. We speak English, Spanish, Finnish, German, French, Russian and Romanian fluently – och lite svenska också – so you will be guaranteed to feel right at home with us in Mijas.