Our idea is get to together all the international companies and entrepreneurs – to well being and networking.


SmartBusinessPadel games ON 🎾🎾🎾

Games will be on Saturdays 6.3., 10.4. and 8.5.
Padel Los Boliches  At 12.30

Energetic games & efective networking

Price: 45e/ person / 3 Saturdays

Incl. SBP t shirts, drink, balls, oportunity to boost your business and play good games
Inscription before 26.2.2021

More information: padel@swplaza.es


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Also more information: padel@swplaza.es


Creating new smart way to boost your business


A Passion for padel – Serious for business
innovative thinking and fresh ideas


We bring European business networking to players, with fun and challenging Padel matches that promotes integration with Business community

 We feel that organizations that prioritize workplace wellbeing out-perform their competitors and thriving workplaces are more profitable and creative

Well-being and togetherness increases and creates new innovative opportunities for all businesess

Make new contacts and opportunities


More information:

e-mail: padel@swplaza.es
tel: +34 654 186 591


Ritto´s Sportbar started up in January 2021. In October 2020 we came and played in Padel Los Boliches for the first time and fell in love with the place and the atmosphere of the club. When the opportunity arose and the cafe became vacant, in December 2020, we made a quick decision to take over the cafe.The combination of a sports bar and paddle club could not be better for us as we make the cafe a place one comes to play paddle, but also a place where one comes to meet others, watch sports on TV and eat homemade food.
René and Heidi Ritto from Denmark